Sign-up/Opt-in Offer $297

If you’re here to make money, your opt-in has one main purpose: to whisk visitors down the path to your purchase page. Right? Whether that takes days or months, it’s the goal. Not numbers / popularity / ego (also known as false sense of security). It’s about sales. 

Which translates to Take This Little Piece of Real Estate Seriously because it’s the appetizer you’re serving up to get them salivating for your main course AKA the thing you really want to sell.

The most valuable opt-in plays both charmer and gatekeeper

Think of your opt-in as your own personal concierge deciding who gets into your exclusive club. Her job is to attract buyers not lookie-loos. 

Because what’s the point of having 5000 subscribers, if only 2 of them are likely to buy. It makes more sense to have 500 pre-qualified potential buyers, 100 of those eagerly anticipating your next offer. 

The most effective opt-in lays out the red carpet of your customer experience from the moment your reader sees it.

The Secret Shopper Sign-up Offer includes a review, evaluation and suggestions for your:

  • Sign-up box and surrounding copy
  • Subscription auto-replies
  • Welcome email

I'll let you know where you can tweak this sequence to increase your conversion rates and move more visitors into your nurturing phase so that they can become buyers.

I woke up this morning to two new daily clients requesting their first meetings! TALK TO Shireen Bawnlavery! It was an AMAZING experience and Shireen is a blast to work with.
— Katie Gingrich, Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA


How it works

  1. We have our Discovery Chat.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we formalize the details with a Letter of Understanding and payment.
  3. You fill out an online questionnaire to help me understand your brand and your goals.
  4. I perform my evaluation.
  5. Within 1 - 2 weeks of our start date, I communicate my findings and suggestions. This will be via email or video chat with you.
  6. You decide what changes you'd like to implement.
  7. I check in with you in about 30 days to see if you'd like any more help : )
Shireen Bawnlavery