Nurture Sequence $497+

A wicked opt-in is just the beginning. Now that you've got their attention, the nurturing begins. Red carpet treatment is in full swing. 

Or is it?

This is where most people lose their visitors. You enticed them in, they gave up their email address... and now they feel slightly ripped off. { Cue eyes darting around looking for the nearest exit. }

Your free offer is your chance to roll out the red carpet, and show them you're the stuff of their dreams

Put your heart into your nurture sequence, then automate it, and watch your visitors become eager buyers.

The Secret Shopper Nurture Sequence Evaluation includes a review, evaluations and suggestions for your:

  • Sign-up box and surrounding copy
  • Subscription auto-replies
  • Welcome email
  • Freebie or nurture sequence to potential purchase

I'll let you know where you can tweak both your opt-in and your nurture sequence to inspire more visitors to become buyers.

Shireen’s approach meant I received targeted advice on how to make my customer’s first impression of me a glowing one. She gave me a deeper level of understanding of specific points which then made it clear for me to act on any changes. It was a joy to work with her and I recommend her most highly!
— Victoria James Coaching, Rugby, United Kingdom

Price varies depending on length and complexity of offer.

  1. We have our Discovery Chat.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we formalize the details with a Letter of Understanding and payment.
  3. You fill out an online questionnaire to help me understand your brand and your goals.
  4. I perform my evaluation.
  5. Within 1 - 2 weeks of our start date, I communicate my findings and suggestions. This will be via email or video chat with you.
  6. You decide what changes you'd like to implement.
  7. I check in with you in about 30 days to see if you'd like any more help : )
Shireen Bawnlavery