Custom Journey $297 - $5000

Every piece of digital real estate you own is an experience for your audience. Potential clients will judge your offer on the experience leading up to it.

If your offer is lush, so must the experience be.

Customer Experience Design is new to the digital world - which gives you an edge if you're an early adopter.

I'll can review any combination of the following:

  • Facebook ads
  • Social Media posts (with a call-to-action)
  • Sign up offers
  • Freebie offers
  • Advertisements or other marketing outreach
  • Website
  • Social media / online presence
  • Blog posts
  • Email campaigns
  • Any and / or all of your online touch-points
  • Offline touch-points (*available to local customers - Victoria / Vancouver, BC)

If you're not sure where to start, we can talk about which journey will give you the most immediate value.

Shireen has a compassionate, yet laser focus that helped me see where my customer experience weak points were. With her experience in design and customer service, she was able to provide insightful and on-point recommendations that have left me feeling more confident in my online image than ever!
— Darla Antoine, Costa Rica

$297 - $5000*
*I know what you're thinking... and you're right. That's a pretty big price range. For me to truly serve you, I need to be open to whatever buying experience you'd like to improve. This could range from a short journey like a call-to-action all the way to your entire online presence. Let's talk, and I'll give you an estimate. I'm super flexible (you should see me wrap my legs around my head).

  1. We have our Discovery Chat.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we formalize the details with a Letter of Understanding and payment.
  3. You fill out an online questionnaire to help me understand your brand and your goals.
  4. I perform my evaluation.
  5. Within 1 - 2 weeks of our start date, I communicate my findings and suggestions. This will be via email or video chat with you.
  6. You decide what changes you'd like to implement.
  7. I check in with you in about 30 days to see if you'd like any more help : )
Shireen Bawnlavery