Reviews for Little Magical Insights

Shireen, the answers you provided were BEYOND useful. I read through the first couple paragraphs and already was rushing to message you because they resonated so much with what I’d been trying to put together, but ultimately was struggling to accomplish on my own.

You took the jumbled puzzle pieces in my brain and connected them all together. As I was reading your insights, it was like someone voicing all the thoughts in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite put into concise words. It was a huge confidence boost and helped confirm that I was headed in the right direction. It felt like a curtain being lifted and letting the light pour in.

Clarity + confidence + excitement (I couldn’t think of another good C word, ha) = the takeaways I gained from your insights. You’ve helped me put into words what makes me different as a designer, something that’s always been difficult for me to see in myself. Your insights have done so much to help me tap into what makes my brand, my services, and myself unique in a saturated market like design. A solid foundation is key, and knowing what sets me apart gives me the ability to build that foundation and beyond.

Your ideas also led to a huge spark of creative inspiration that broke me out of procrastination loop. That same day after I read through everything you sent, I went on to develop an entirely new gameplan for my design services that felt SO GOOD, especially compared to the ideas I’d been working with prior. I also wrote out a full structure outline for reshaping my offerings in a way that focuses on my strengths + what I love to do most. And that was just the first day.

I’ve also been a lot more confident with my writing, and most importantly, SHARING what I write because I know it’s aligned with the direction I want to take my brand.

It’s also so great to now have something tangible I can refer to whenever I start to feel like I’m getting stuck in my own head again. The document makes an fantastic grounding tool for me to get back in touch with what’s at the heart of what I do.
— Allison Barclay, Missouri, USA

Your perspective was so refreshing and your advice on where to take the direction of my business was *exactly* what I was looking for. It’s like you were able to get right into my head and pull out precisely what I deep down wanted, that I just hadn’t fully realized or recognized yet myself.

I feel like I have a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for growing my business in the direction I want to take it! Your insights felt thoughtful and personal, and—while I felt like you offered a fresh perspective—your ideas and reading of me felt like it was coming from a close friend. I feel like you just “got me”...right away...after I had answered just a few questions, which was really cool and unexpected!

I love how you were able to incorporate one of my huge interests, psychology (which means a great deal to me still), into my business, when I had always considered them to be totally separate worlds. Which I now realize is so untrue and a huge potential opportunity to give my clients a better service. I can already see the value that will add to my service offerings and client interactions in the future!

Overall, your insights were truly eye opening for me—a lot of “ah ha!” moments, as well as a few moments where I was thinking “duh! Why didn’t I think of that?

The information is beyond valuable and I could really see it being worth every penny to people needing some clarity.
— Shannon Blaz, Cleveland, Ohio

Working with Shireen has given me much needed clarity regarding my business and the direction I wish to take it, with kindness and support she brought to my attention strengths I didn’t realise I have. Implementing her suggestions has made decisions I was struggling with easy to make. I would highly recommend working with her.
— Reecie Claire, Lincolnshire, UK
I feel empowered now to do what I knew deep down but kept ignoring because it seemed too egotistical. Turns out that I *can* and I *should* celebrate me in my brand because otherwise I don’t stand out.

It’s pushing in a whole new direction with branding and copy so that I can focus on what *I* can do and how *I* am the perfect one to serve my clients. Mind. Officially. Blown.
— Sarah Marie Arnold, Colorado, USA
Shireen Bawnlavery