Phase 1: Personalized Program + 6 Weeks Support

Phase 1: Personalized Program + 6 Weeks Support


Includes in-depth consultation, fitness assessment, program design, diet recommendations, in-person program walk-through and six weeks of support and accountability. [More here]

(Extra in-person sessions or support available by request.)

I had that glorious feeling at night and in the morning that I used to get back in my twenties when I was weight training everyday…” - Heather B, Langley, BC (after three weeks on program)

I pierced a new hole in my belt and it’s keeping my pants up. 😂 I feel like my waist may be sneaking in there again. Yay!” - Ariane W, Victoria, BC (after two weeks on program)

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It doesn’t matter what career path Shireen is on, she dives in and does it with tremendous depth, passion, dedication, and uniqueness. She’s one in a billion and so incredibly different than anyone else in her field. She becomes a total expert and strives for perfection.

For example, I’ve been ‘working out’ since I was 19 (34 years) and ‘watching my diet’ since I was in my early 30s. I’ve had many gym experiences, many trainers, and many diet coaches. It’s always the same treatment as every other person whether they’re 20 or 40, overweight or fit, it’s one mold/one program. I’ve always felt like their mind wasn’t really focused on me, they don’t truly care about me, and I’m doing the same routine/diet as the next guy.

Welcome to a truly unique experience that is 100% all about you and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Unfortunately, I’ve had a series of roadblocks in my personal life since starting with Shireen, but through it she’s continued to be by my side, truly care about my progress, and give me the right amount of gentle nudging from the heart.

Between grieving the recent loss of my dad, and dealing with wearing a cast due to a fractured arm, I still managed to lose just under 4 lbs in 2 weeks! All because of Shireen’s dedication and support. She’ll be as tough or gentle as you desire.

I know that with her by my side I will conquer my weight, get fit, feel great again, and be wearing that little black dress with pride!
— Leslie Wey, Cloverdale, BC