Ahhh… to be fit and lean again. you can just taste it… but somehow never quite reach it. why oh why….

Why is losing weight so hard? Because it means making the right decisions many times a day… every single day… for weeks, if not months. And being human / emotional / just wanting to enjoy life - makes this * really * hard. 

This is where I can help you. I can show you the way through the conflict and adversity, and design a system that works for you.

I can be the quiet force behind your decisions, so all you have to do is follow your program, knowing I’m right here cheering you on.

We focus on what works for *you*

  • You don’t need any equipment or a gym, just 30 minutes anywhere, any time

  • We work around your physical capacity, any limitations, your lifestyle and what you enjoy most

  • It won’t be boring

  • Your diet guidelines will be customized to your preferences

  • You’ll get 24/7 support

  • It’s up to you how hard or gently I push you

How I keep you motivated

Most people are motivated by two things: 1) being accountable to someone and 2) results (think of the smile that spreads across your face when you hit a weight you haven’t seen in a very long time 😍). So…

  • I have an accountability system that won’t let you cheat 😅

  • I’ll make sure you see results in the first week or two, because I won’t stop until we find the formula that works - and once you see those results, your motivation will triple 💪

What you can expect

  • to start losing weight / fatty tissue in the first week or two (assuming you follow my recommendations 😉)

  • to start gaining a sense of control over temptation

  • to finally start feeling good when you try on clothes

  • to have my full devotion to your progress

  • to never be judged, just supported with empathy

How it works

  1. We have a quick chat to see how this feels to you.

  2. If you decide to go ahead, we agree on a plan (what you get, cost and time frame).

  3. We have an in-depth conversation where I get to know what you want, what’s worked / not worked in the past, what obstacles you experience, any limitations you might have, and what you enjoy (regarding both diet and exercise).

  4. We set a date where I can learn more about your physical capacity and what exercises your body likes and doesn’t like (in person).

  5. I design a program and diet guidelines for you based on your goals, your physical capacity and preferences.

  6. I walk you through the program in person and make sure you’re comfortable with it. Adjustments are always possible.

  7. Then we set up the support and accountability system that will carry you through the coming weeks!

  8. Six weeks later, we celebrate! 🥂

No food or comfy couch will ever feel as good as that little black dress showing off the new you

I pierced a new hole in my belt and it’s keeping my pants up. 😂 I feel like my waist may be sneaking in there again. Yay!
— Ariane Weathers, Victoria, BC (after two weeks on her program)

So I’m enjoying my workouts. It’s nice to have an intention when I’m working out instead of doing something random.  When you know you’re doing a routine that somebody’s designed just for you and knows what they’re doing… it’s much more rewarding.  I don’t mind exercising now… as opposed to the dread.

After I did the HIIT workout on Sunday… and then my other workout on Monday, I had that glorious feeling at night and in the morning that I used to get back in my twenties when I was weight training everyday, and increasing weights.  You know where your body feels so good and relaxed and worked hard – almost like lead?  I love that feeling!

You’re very attentive and relentless with making sure I’m doing the right thing!
— Heather B, Langley, BC

Welcome to a truly unique experience that is 100% all about you and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before...
— Leslie Wey, Cloverdale, BC