the Secret Room


It’s my dream to buy a big old character house and spend my life redesigning it (like Mrs. Winchester did with Winchester House - and if you’ve never seen it you must).

Since I was a child, I loved mysterious castles with secret passages leading to rooms that require secret passwords to get into.

So one day last spring I thought, hey!… until I have a spare 7 million in my back pocket, there *is* a way I can create secret rooms… online! I could turn the back end of my website into my online house with rooms and passageways!

Suddenly the light went on (don’t you love those moments!)

I got super excited and I’ve been fantasizing about it ever since. (OK, a bit weird maybe, but I have a thing about strategizing and planning and designing - definitely my drug of choice.) I’ve come up with all kinds of ideas (which I can’t tell you about yet). But { cue twinkly magical chimes } I *have* built the first Secret Room and I invite you to come on in!

Now before you trot on over, I have a question for you…

What’s your *far reaching-nearly impossible-if only you could* dream?

Is there a way you can bring it into your life on some level? Or how about into your work? Wouldn’t that be fun! That’s the kind of thing that will definitely set you apart.

Think about that.

Meanwhile, I’ll see you in the Secret Room…

Shireen Bawnlavery