Ash Ambirge's Secret

(This is part four of the Costa Rica Business Retreat series. It's very late - I do apologize - but my angel of a step mother and my beloved cat died in January, so some things just had to wait. Here are part onepart two and part three in case you missed them.)

Those of us who know Ash, know she’s brilliant at what she does. Technically, she’s a copywriter. But really, she's a master of seduction. 

I was first drawn to Ash because I could see she was different. She spoke in a way that felt real, instead of using regurgitated marketing jargon. You can’t help but smile when she says things like, "You get to drink (obnoxious amounts of) fruity umbrella drinks without an ounce of guilt" and, "You’re worth your wildest dreams".

And therein lies her secret...

She has a unique talent, but we already know that. She’s got style and sass you don't forget. And she has killer drive. (In Ash's own words, "I’ve given, and I’ve slaved, and I’ve worked, and I’ve slayed. And I wouldn’t trade that sweat equity for the world.")

But her secret isn't in how hard she works. I think her secret is knowing and owning what makes her addictive. That wine-sipping, potty mouthed, girlfriend-to-girlfriend straight talk? She knows we love it, she knows it makes us feel seen, she knows it gets her talked about.

I'd be willing to bet that back in her early blogging days, she slowly started to realize that people were really relating to her fresh, raw style. And so she built on it. More sass. More subscribers. More straight talk. New sassy flavoured products. And so on. Talent? No doubt. Sweat equity? Absolutely. But it was the babe balls and the middle finger and the raised glass that built her Unf*ckwithable brand.

She showed us that real is not just ok, it's needed. 

(Thank you for this girlfriend, we love you for having the balls.) So to all of you out there defining your place in the world, I'd like to ask you - what's your secret?

There's definitely something that only you bring. If you can find it, it can be the thing that catapults you into new territory. Sometimes, the only way to discover it is by doing. Doing the work, reaching out, engaging with others, building rapport by being all of yourself. Evolving as you move forward.

You need to let your guard down and trust that there are thousands of people who'll feel seen through your honesty.

Go for it and watch what happens. See how much more response you get than when you polish yourself up and end up sounding like everyone else.

A really great clue to knowing you're on the right track? When you start having a lot more fun. And trust me, you will : )

Those wild dreams can come true, not in spite of being yourself, but because you're being yourself.

Next post: Why I got married when I knew I shouldn't and what that has to do with you.

Shireen Bawnlavery