Invitation to be a Prostitute


Ever feel like you have to do cheap and smarmy things to build your business? You get that twisty, weighty feeling in your stomach that says, ugh, do I have to? Really?  

When I lived in LA in the 80’s, I was a spa girl by day, aerobics queen by night, and addicted to marathon dancing at night clubs.

On weekends we took off to Palm Springs or Santa Barbara or Tijuana in our 65 Chevy Van. (There were so many fun places to play in la la land.) So for a little extra money, I did some modelling on the side. Not because I wanted to be a model but because $25 an hour was a lot of money to me back then. (The picture above is from a photo shoot in Manhattan Beach.)

One day, an ad in the local paper caught my eye. It sounded amazing so I called the woman, Carmel. She asked me my height and weight. I told her 5’5” and 105 pounds. She seemed impressed (which was weird because I’m obviously not model height).

Then she invited me to meet her in a swanky restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. I thought this was strange, but who was I to turn down a chance to dine beside Rob Lowe or Johnny Depp.

Carmel was warm and friendly and we chatted away like old friends. I guess I got the job because she started explaining what my new life would be like. And WOW. Imagine this at age 25…

I would live in a huge Malibu villa with the other models. Like one big champagne and caviar pyjama party…. with our own private chauffeur… for our weekly Rodeo Drive shopping sprees. Designer clothes, shoes, jewellery, you name it - carte blanche. I’m not kidding. 

(Except: warning bells going off like sirens in my head.)

Those intuitive little hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up. Because now I KNEW.

Suddenly my life was like a Hollywood script. Things that only happen in movies were happening to me. This was FUN. So… I played along because it was like a peek into another world.

I said, oooh! that sounds wonderful (in my most naive sounding voice). Guess what she said then? Ok, get this… she said I would have to cut all ties with EVERYONE I knew. This was a new life. And there’s no going back. 


I listened while I ate my Picasso-y lunch, with solid silver cutlery, watching the crispy, obsequious servers fluttering around. I was enjoying my little taste of Hollywood.

But obviously (right?) I declined her offer (I think we all know what it was) and thanked her politely for lunch. I wasn’t about to sell my soul for silk sheets and Jimmy Choo shoes.

So here’s the thing… Temptation flirts with us every day. Glamour. Fame. A faster, easier way. But only one thing matters. 

Being true to yourself. Always. ALWAYS. 

Modelling swimwear for extra money isn't for everyone. Neither is glamour. Or even Facebook, even though everyone does it anyway.

So how do you, as a business owner, resist the lure of what someone else is doing? How do you realize your dream without listening to the latest internet guru?

The truth is, they don't have the secret. YOU DO. All you have to do is liberate the parts of you that are dying to get out. Say YES to your cravings. Say YES to your whims. Embrace your all of your impracticalness. 

I can’t emphasize this enough. JUST. BE. YOU. 

Because that's how dreams are realized.