Show us WHO you are


Show us WHO you are. The funny bits. The gritty bits. The tender bits. That's your hook.

You do all the right things to make your brand pop. Beautiful design. Outreach. Freebies. 

Then... crickets.

I was invited to join a meeting with some local solopreneurs. I Googled the host to get a feel for the group. According to her website, she was an SEO expert. OH. Those SEO people really get on my nerves. All they care about is inflating numbers and cramming key words everywhere. Design, visual appeal, and personality are just fluff to their boxy logical heads.

(Thinking of how I can politely decline...)

Then something caught my eye. One link led to another and next thing you know, I was reading this woman's story. Not on her website (because you know - no fluff there), but on another website. She’d spent time in Ireland (a country close to my heart). She’d been held at gunpoint (you guessed it, in Ireland). She was an artist (imagine that). She’d worked in developing countries giving a voice to women who’d been silenced. She was an advocate for non-violence in the workplace.

I never went to the meeting. 

Instead, I emailed her right away and invited her on a coffee date, just the two of us. 

She accepted. Two days later, I sat across from her, fascinated. And - she loved fluff as much as I did. In fact, she was much more of an artist than I am. And very entertaining. We became not only colleagues but friends.

All because of Who she was. Definitely not because of What she was.

Had I known only that she was an SEO expert, I would never have hired her. I’d never have learned from her. I’d never benefited from knowing her.

So if you want the world to take notice (once and for all dammit)...

Show us WHO you are. The funny bits. The gritty bits. The tender bits.

If it means something to you, TELL US.

That’s what will make us want more of you.