It's ok - you don't have to be perfect

Shireen Bawnlavery

This is me, trying to make rum balls (emphasis on trying)

It was a delicious part of Christmas when I was a child. If only I'd paid more attention to my mum finessing those yummy little balls, instead of licking wooden spoons.

I'm guessing you know where this is going. 

I never knew rum balls were this testy. And sticky. After trying really hard to roll them into perfect round balls, and placing them carefully on the butcher's block, they sank into little pancakes. I said to Taavi, let's call them rum cookies and say it's a new thing.

He thought not. So we soldiered on.

We had a blast making mistakes. And we ended up with lovely quirky little rum balls, all packaged into sparkly boxes for all our friends!

We delivered them with our little story, and everyone loved them. Because their warped kind of round said, I was tenderly hand made just for you.

The point is, people don't necessarily want store-bought, manufactured perfection. It's no different in business. People are people. 

If you're worried that you're not perfect enough, please... take that energy and put it into being yourself. Not in a Just Be Yourself and Pretend You Don't Care sort of way. I mean like: own who you are. I mean give yourself space to play and experiment and be 'un-perfect'. Let your thoughts run free. Do the things you've always wanted to try, but thought you shouldn't.

Because whoever said everyone else was right, was obviously wrong. Or everyone would be rich and happy.