1. What exactly do you mean by Customer Experience?

Simply put, it's how your audience experiences your business. It's how they feel when they engage with you at all touchpoints from first point of contact through to a purchase and beyond into aftersales care.

You can impress, disappoint, entice, or confuse a visitor at every point of contact. Touchpoints include your social media posts and replies, landing pages, opt-in offers, welcome emails, auto-replies, FAQs, contact methods, follow up responses, booking functionality, and even little things like your purchase receipts (and too many more to list here).

'Experience' refers not only to things working well, being easy to find, sufficiently explained, being brand consistant throughout, etc., but to how well the experience *speaks* to your dream client. Are you validating her feelings / showing her you get it / showing her you're genuine / showing that you value her / respecting her wishes? Does your personality and common values shine through at every touchpoint? Is the visual and written content designed to make *you look good* or to make *her feel good*?

If your audience feels valued at every touchpoint, they’re much more likely to take this journey with you and become a loyal buyer. If not, they can be easily tempted by similar businesses that offer a better experience. 

Every single touchpoint is an opportunity to gain or lose a potential buyer.

Outstanding experiences create fierce loyalty, generate repeat purchases and consistent word of mouth referrals.

2. What is Customer Experience (CX) Design?

It’s the analyzing of the digital experience you provide (see #1 above) and the recommendations to personalize it to increase conversions / subscribers / purchases.

CX Design is not just user experience (UX), customer service, or conversion optimization. It’s ALL of these, but it focuses on how you make your audience FEEL. **Because emotion is the primary driver of any purchase.**

3. Why do I need a Secret Shopper evaluation?

How you make your audience feel can make or break your business. It's the primary driver of repeat purchases and organic referrals.

It's very difficult for business owners to be objective about the experience they've created, in fact probably impossible. An outsider's unbiased, in-the-know review will reveal weaknesses and opportunities you have no idea exist. Example: This is my wheelhouse and yet - *I have a Secret Shopper evaluate my work.*

4. How will I know the changes are working?

Your conversions, community, organic word of mouth, and purchases will increase. 

5. How long will it take before I see an increase in profit?

Relationships take time to build, so don’t expect overnight results (although I’ve seen it happen). There are also many other variables, like how well you implement what I suggest. If you’re not sure about what you’ve done or how well it’s working, we can schedule regular check-ins to re-evaluate and course correct.

6. How does the Secret Shopper process work?

a. You fill out an online questionnaire to help me understand your brand and your goals.

b. I perform my evaluation.

c. Within 1 - 2 weeks of our start date, I communicate my findings and suggestions. This will be via email or video chat with you.

d. You decide what changes you'd like to implement.

e. I check in with you in about 30 days to see if you'd like any more help : )

7. What are my responsibilities?

a. Fill out the online questionnaire.

b. After our feedback session, you implement my suggestions (to the degree you choose). These could be anything from adjustments to copy, your free offer, the experience your website provides, or even brand tweaking. Anything that will create the experience that motivates your dream clients to become loyal to you. 

c. Watch for growth (analytics, conversions, subscribers, revenue increase).

8. What is the cost?

The cost is as individual as the journey you'd like me to help you with. The range runs from $297 to $5000.

9. Do you have any customer feedback I can read?

Yes, you can read client reviews here...

10. What if I don’t see my question here?

You can always email me. I'd be happy to answer your questions. I usually answer within 1 business day (Tuesday to Friday - but please check for holiday hours at the bottom of this page).