1. What exactly do you mean by my magic?

Simply put, it's that one thing you bring that no one else does. It's what makes you *the only one* for your people (the clients you really want).

2. What will knowing my magic do for me?

  1. It gives you unwavering confidence. Because you know exactly what makes you unique and why you're *the only choice* for your people.
  2. You're no longer a commodity in competition, you're a brand people will pay more for.
  3. It gives you clarity. When you're not sure about something, you just ask yourself, "Is this in alignment with my magic?".
  4. You'll know where to put your focus. No more wasting time, money, and energy. No more floundering around, chasing the next shiny object.
  5. You'll be so in alignment with your business that everything feels right, for you and for your clients.
  6. It'll bring you the best clients.
  7. You'll have much more fun!


3. Don't I already know what my magic is?

Maybe. If you feel in complete alignment with your business and clients are flowing your way, then yes, probably. {bows head in admiration}

But most people can't see their own magic. It comes so naturally, we don't see it as anything special. We don't even know it's a thing. 

4. How will you know what it is?

Good question. I use a combination of intuition, research and analytical engagement with you. I've always been able to see beyond face value and the spoken word, into the underlying subtleties. (That's my magic.)

5. How does the Discover your Magic process work?

  1. We start with an in depth online questionnaire
  2. I do my own on/offline research to learn more about you
  3. We have our live chat where we dig deep until we find that magic!
  4. I send you a summary and a guide on where to apply your magic
  5. We follow up in about 30 days to see how it's working for you

6. What are my responsibilities?

a. Fill out the online questionnaire.

b. Show up fully and without distractions for our live session.

c. Be open and honest with me so I can dig deep for gold.

7. Do you have any customer feedback I can read?

Yes, you can read client feedback here...

8. What if I don’t see my question here?

You can always email me. I'd be happy to answer your questions. I usually answer within 1 business day (Tuesday to Friday - but please check for holiday hours at the bottom of this page).