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Gain the Confidence to Charge what You're Really Worth


Fantasies *can* come true

*Ahem* ...not those kind (although we could have fun with that).

We don't want any more "cutting edge technology" or "proven systems" or your 50 steps to anything. (As as side note, I forbid you to use these daft phrases because 1. This is not the eighties and 2. They're far too generic for a modern, sassy woman like you.)

What do you dream about? What have you always wanted to do but thought you shouldn't? I'd bet your audience would love it too. Why not share something totally unique, that no one else would ever have thought of? Get people talking. 

Then you can quit flinging mud at the wall, hoping it'll stick. You can reclaim Friday nights with the girls and Sunday morning sex AKA have a spicy life again.

Once you know how to connect with your visitors and clients (versus shove your message down her throat), you and marketing will get along just fine. Trust me on this. (And you should trust me because like you, I secretly want to be a burlesque dancer which obviously makes us kindred spirits.)

Building your audience can be as natural as sharing secrets over wine with your best girlfriends.

There's something that both of you crave / love / fantasize about. It's time to bring it to life.

Knowing your magic means...

  • Unwavering confidence, because you know exactly what makes you unique and why you're *the only choice* for your audience
  • You're no longer a commodity in competition, you're a brand people will pay more for
  • Clarity: when you're not sure about something, you just ask yourself, "does this show off with my magic?"
  • Focus: no more wasting time, money, and energy, no more floundering around, chasing the next shiny object
  • Alignment: everything feels right, for you and for your clients
  • Attracting the best clients
  • Less stress, more fun!

The process...

  • We look at where you are now and what's missing
  • You fill out an online questionnaire to get the juices flowing
  • I do my own on/offline research to learn more about you
  • We have our live chat where we dig deep until we find that magic!
  • I create a custom guide to get you started on leveraging your magic
  • We follow up in about 30 days to make sure it's working for you
  • Optional: we can arrange a personalized program to help you leverage your magic into all areas of your business
  • We meet for a mutual happy dance (it's a thing, really)

How it works...

I've got this crazy analytic mind and by nature, I'm a listener and an observer. I sense things too. It's a bit weird, like how I can hear the tone of silence on the other end of the phone and know what the person's thinking (I know, eerie).

I see patterns and connections naturally. Often I bring together two unlikely components to create something far more powerful than each of them are alone.

I see the unseen.



moments of Illumination from live sessions

*Press play and give the audio a moment to kick in...


What People are Saying

I wasn’t too sure what to expect, I simply knew that I was muddled with my message, couldn’t see the wood for the trees, and probably had too much marketing speak going on in my head. Shireen helped blow the mist and marketing speak away, in such a lovely way - gentle, searching, yet like a laser beam. I have come away from the session with such a clear vision that aligns with who I am, that I feel it in my core. Shireen is incredible at what she does
— Katie Knight | The Guru Experiment | Iceland

This session was everything I wanted and more. Shireen took the time to understand me and the way I work, and together we got to the magic. I’d kind of known this was my magic but going through Shireen’s process really validated it for me and helped me see how it’s different and unique. I’ll now make sure this is a strong part of my messaging. I’d love to do more of this!
— Kate Wright | Intentio Business Design | Auckland, New Zealnd

I loved my chat with Shireen. She has a very calm and thoughtful way about her that made me instantly relax. She really dug deep to understand what moved me the most and what I needed practically and suggested a fabulous way I could combine my passions and my practical needs that I hadn’t considered before. I can’t wait to explore this new possibility and really feel like I found an anchor to ground me and give me genuine focus for the coming months. Something I very much needed!

My session with Shireen was awesome. I enjoyed talking with her. She made me feel very comfortable and I felt free to open up and be myself. She asked me questions that made me really go deep and dig. As a result, I now have almost perfect clarity on Who I am. I am now getting comfortable with that and learning how to integrate the real me into my business and my life. It’s easy for a woman (Mother) to lose who she is when her most important position becomes Mother and after our last child moved out I realized just how much of “me” I had lost since becoming a Mama. I am excited to work with Shireen more to pull this new me all the way out from under the tag of Mama. Thank you Shireen!

Shireen is insightful, kind, and really knows her stuff. She is like this fantastic bridge between what you want to help your customers with, and what they actually really want you to do / how they communicate. DEFINITELY worth working with her!
— Heather Craik | Designmancy | Glenrothes, Scotland

Let's Discover Your Magic

Complimentary, no strings call.
Let's break the ice together with a hot spiked coffee.

$697 USD

Little Magical Insights

If just want clues to your magic, or clarity on a dilemma, maybe all you need are Little Magical Insights...

$347 USD

I don’t have the words to tell you how much I love this or how much clearer it makes everything!!!!!