7-Step Cheatsheet to ensure your reader wants to read every word

7-Step Cheatsheet to ensure your reader wants to read every word

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7 easy steps to ensure your reader wants to read every word + Bonus Checklist.

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How to make your audience want to read every word

Which is a really scary thing to propose because now I have to actually make you want to read every word I’m about to write.

*cue silence*

*awkward shifting in chair*

Oh, I know! I could tell you about the time I left Luv Affair (Vancouver night club with a beat you could feel in your teeth) to jump naked into the ocean at 2 am. 

But no… you’re waiting for me to tell you how to bang out a wicked sales page tout de suite.

Ok easy peasy. (I did not just say that.)

Here goes… Think about this. Your reader is just like you. Her coffee’s gone cold and she really should get up and stretch. She’s a bit frustrated because there’s so much to do. What I’m saying, is she’s a human being with feelings and it’s those feelings, not her goals, that make her buy things.

Since she’s your ideal client (who else would you be writing to), you’d probably get along famously in real life. You could chat for hours about things you have in common. 

Start there.

What would you say to your ideal client over coffee?

It definitely wouldn’t be, Hi, I’m Susan. I’m the best coach in the nation, here’s why you should hire me. (And if it is, then listen up my gorgeous little buttercup.) You’d ask her how things are going. You’d find out what’s bothering her. Makes sense, right? Because you're a caring person. Then you’d speak to those feelings.

Do that.

If you know your ideal client intimately, you know exactly what’s on her mind. (And if you don’t, your homework for this week is to survey / question / poke around in their heads until you do.) Validate those feelings. Show her you empathize fully.

When you introduce your solution / offer / expertise, she’ll be ready to listen, because she already knows you understand her.

Then show her you have the solution. The exact answer to her problem. You’ve got her interest now. So paint a beautiful picture. Let her imagine it, feel it, taste it. Ahhhhh…. 

Oooh so close…! She’s almost sold! But she’s pausing over the BUY button… why should she trust you? This is where you throw in some credibility. Eliminate her apprehension with testimonials or supporting evidence. Now she has proof to justify her decision to buy.

Just one more thing to make sure she hits the BUY button…. What questions is she likely have before taking the plunge? Answer those. Let her know what to expect after hitting BUY. Now you’ve removed all hesitation.

SOLD. Nice job!

See how easy it is?

Easily bang out copy that makes your audience want to hit the BUY button.

Get the 7-Step Cheatsheet for writing Sales Pages that Convert so you can follow the prompts and write brilliantly effective copy in seven easy steps.

This is my little gift shop so everything here is free!

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