Victoria James Coaching, United Kingdom


Victoria's Goal:

Victoria knew her website wasn't converting as well as it could. She wanted potential clients to get a taste of what life could feel like from the moment they landed on her website. She wanted them to feel inspired and excited enough to book a discovery call right away.

The Process:

I evaluated the experience as if I was her ideal client. I could feel where her website was out of alignment with her brand. Victoria is the warmest, most vivacious person with a passion for a luxurious feeling life. She shows her clients how to have delicious lives and she has this contagious spirit about her.

Thoughts poured out of me onto paper, as I reviewed her customer journey (key pages on her website). Then I summarized all my notes into a strategy she could use to inspire her potential clients to take action.

During a live Zoom chat, using screen share, I showed Victoria what wasn't working and why. I gave her examples of key tweaks with imagery and written copy to get potential clients pumped up and excited to start working with her.

The Result:

 Victoria did a *fabulous* job of implementing the strategies I suggested and completely changed the experience of her website.


Victoria's testimonial...

Having Shireen’s eyes over my site was like smiley fresh air! Her approach meant I received targeted advice on how to make my customer’s first impression of me a glowing one. She gave me a deeper level of understanding of specific points which then made it clear for me to act on any changes. It was a joy to work with her and I recommend her most highly!
— Victoria James, Coach, UK


Victoria was an absolute delight to work with. She's one of those clients who makes my work feel like magic.