Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA


Katie's Goal:

Katie and her staff have the kind of training and expertise that high end clients are willing to pay for. Her company isn't *just* a dog sitting business. But she knew her existing website wasn't attracting those high end clients she could serve so well.

Our Process:

During my evaluation of the Pets Crave Love website, I found a number of issues that might deter a potential client. Visually, it was nicely done, but the organization of information was confusing to visitors.

I organized my notes and suggestions and we hopped on Zoom for a video chat. I shared my screen with her so she could visualize what we were discussing. I showed her how she could restructure the information, creating a better flow for interested visitors. Then I showed Katie how she could highlight the special expertise and high level of care her company offers. Done well, the final result would completely changed a visitor's first impression. 

The Result:

The day after Katie published the changes (in Katie's words): "I made all changes! And today I woke up to two new clients requesting their first meetings!"

*cue confetti*


Katie's testimonial...

Katie Gingrich
I was actually terrified of having someone take an honest approach to my website and customer experience. :) I kept thinking it was going to be a bit like going to the dentist (without the happy laughing gas.) I was surprised, shocked really, that Quiet Lion/Shireen’s feedback was honest but NOT harsh. Quiet Lion is the zen of my website insecurities!

I never felt upset, or less intelligent, or even frustrated, she kept going at the pace that worked for me and giving just the right amount of feedback so I could be successful. You get all the martini’s from me Shireen! Best investment any website owner can make.
— Katie Gingrich, Pets Crave Love


Katie was so much fun to work with! As a dog lover who craves hands on, fresh air and engaging with man's best friend, she's not a big fan of the techie stuff. But she did it! She mastered all the changes I suggested. I'm SO pleased it paid off for you Katie (and that you didn't set your Mac on fire). You rocked it : )