Darla Antoine, Costa Rica


Darla's Goal:

Darla wasn't sure if she was getting her message across. And she couldn't see her work objectively (who does?). She felt frustrated and unsure sure of which direction to take, despite being very confident in the value she provides. She wanted clarity, so she could represent herself in the way that would attract more of the right clients.

Our Process:

I was excited to work with Darla. Her work fascinates me. She gave me a backstage pass so I could experience her courses. They were amazing! I realized she has some phenomenal qualities in her course material that she could incorporate into her marketing.

I could tell immediately that she was in her element when writing her courses, but not while writing web copy. If she could bring this feeling into her marketing, her visitors would be drawn in the way I was.

The Result:

Now Darla knows which part of herself to draw on to create a consistent and powerful impact across all touch points. Not only does she know how to better present herself, she realized she was doing it the hard way, when the easier, more natural way, was more effective.

Darla's Testimonial...

Shireen has a compassionate, yet laser focus that helped me see where my customer experience weak points were. With her experience in design and customer service, she was able to provide insightful and on-point recommendations that have left me feeling more confident in my online image than ever!
— Darla Antoine


Evaluating Darla's work was actually really fun. Her course content is so interesting, unlike anything I've ever read. She has something so special to offer that all she needed was to release what was already deep down inside of her - in her soul. THAT will attract exactly the right clients, the ones dying to buy what she's created.

You're a shining star in a beautiful, mysterious night sky Darla : )