Little Magical Insights


An instant shot of clarity and confidence...

Shireen, the answers you provided were BEYOND useful. I read through the first couple paragraphs and already was rushing to message you because they resonated so much...
— Allison Barclay, Missouri, USA

Sometimes things just aren’t quite clicking

You feel like most of the pieces are there, like you’ve got something really good, but something’s missing. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t find the solution that feels just right.

That’s when an outside perspective from someone who’s been there, someone with an eye for the unseen and an ear for the unspoken, is all you need.

Here’s what Little Magical Insights can do for you…

Get clarity so you can...

  • Stop wasting time, money, and energy flinging mud at the wall

  • Attract the clients you really want, and more of those because they tell others

  • Bring your business into alignment with who you are

  • Have less stress and more fun!

Get fresh ideas so you can...

  • Feel excited about your business again

  • Generate forward momentum

  • Get your audience excited too

Get clues to your magic (the one thing that only you bring) so you can...

  • Get razor sharp on your direction

  • Feel confident that you're the only one for your audience

  • Know where to focus your energy

  • Be clear how to express what's unique about you

I feel like I have a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for growing my business in the direction I want to take it! Your insights felt thoughtful and personal, and—while I felt like you offered a fresh perspective—your ideas and reading of me felt like it was coming from a close friend. I feel like you just “got me”...right away!
— Shannon Blaz | Blaz Design | Cleveland, Ohio

How it works...

I've got this crazy analytic mind and by nature, I'm a listener and an observer. I sense things too. It's a bit weird, like how I can hear the tone of silence on the other end of the phone and know what the person's thinking (I know, eerie).

I see patterns and connections naturally. Often I bring together two unlikely components to create something far more powerful than each of them are alone.

The process...

  • You fill out the Discover Your Magic Questionnaire (it's unlike any other questionnaire you've seen)

  • I review your questionnaire and do a little online snooping (the good kind)

  • I put on my most intuitive thinking cap while I dive into your dilemma

  • I send you my personalized insights and ideas (by email or video)

  • We drink fancy martinis ; )

This is for you if:

  • you need some clarity on your direction

  • you need some clues to what makes you the best choice

  • you’re dying to feel excited and motivated so you can have more fun and less stress!

About me

  • I’ve spent 35 years working with women, most of that time listening, observing, and intuiting (my sense of perception sometimes scares people)

  • I’m obsessed - I won’t give up ‘til I hit the nail on the head

  • If you don’t believe me, ask my clients

  • More about me here…

Le't’s eliminate your dilemma. so your genius can burst free.

Mind. Officially. Blown.
— Sarah Marie Arnold, Colorado, USA
Shireen Bawnlavery