Little Magical Insights

Little Magical Insights


If you want a shot of clarity, confidence or direction, maybe all you need are Little Magical Insights...

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Shireen, the answers you provided were BEYOND useful. I read through the first couple paragraphs and already was rushing to message you because they resonated so much...

Get clues to your magic (the thing only you bring) so you...

  • Can get razor sharp on your direction

  • Feel confident that you're the only one for your audience

  • Know where to focus your energy

  • Are clearer on how to express what's unique about you

Get clarity so you...

  • Can stop wasting time, money, and energy flinging mud at the wall

  • Attract the clients you really want, and more of those because they tell others

  • Bring your business into alignment with who you are

  • Have less stress and more fun!

Get fresh ideas so you...

  • Feel excited about your business again

  • Generate forward momentum

  • Can get your audience excited too

Here's How it works...

I've got this crazy analytic mind and by nature, I'm a listener and an observer. I sense things too. It's a bit weird, like how I can hear the tone of silence on the other end of the phone and know what the person's thinking (I know, eerie).

I see patterns and connections naturally. Often I bring together two unlikely components to create something far more powerful than each of them are alone.

The process...

  • You fill out the Discover Your Magic Questionnaire (it's unlike any other questionnaire you've seen)

  • I review your questionnaire and do a little online snooping (the good kind)

  • I put on my most intuitive thinking cap while I dive into your dilemma

  • I send you my personalized insights and ideas (by email or video)

  • We drink fancy martinis ; )

It’s pushing in a whole new direction with branding and copy so that I can focus on what *I* can do and how *I* am the perfect one to serve my clients. Mind. Officially. Blown.

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