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You bring something magical that no one else does. And I can show you what it is.


Which means you don't have to shout like a banshee or wear stilettos and sultry eyes to get attention.

Although sultry eyes do come in handy.

But I digress.

Everyone's scrambling around trying to figure out how to be different enough to build a rock solid business. When all you need to set yourself apart from everyone else is already right there - inside you.

It's your personal magic that’ll make your people want *only you*

Now let's be honest...

Sales funnels, conversion analysis and A/B testing don't really make you want to swing from a chandelier with glee, do they? I didn't think so. (Except of course when your conversions start racing upwards - that's when things get exciting. But we're getting ahead of ourselves...) And if you're like me, the thought of spending 3/4 of your day on marketing makes you want to hibernate with your cat, Haagen Dazs and a very big spoon. What you really want is to immerse yourself in creating (and the ensuing audience worship) (who doesn't enjoy a little worship). So...

you're gonna' love this...

Most people have it all wrong. They’re just doing what everyone else is doing because they think if everyone’s doing it, it must be the thing to do. In fact the opposite is true (assuming you want to draw a crowd which is kind of the whole purpose of marketing). Do you think Steve Jobs, Richard Branson or Oprah were following the crowd?

In 2007, I started my design business with a website decorated with puppies and kittens because I love baby pets (and I expected people to take me seriously). No phone number (unheard of for a local business) or last name. (I was very private for years, then did a complete 180 and told my story of abuse publicly. Woman's prerogative and all.) I didn't go out networking. I didn't use social media. I just created. All day. Our favourite kind of day, right? 


Shouldn't have worked.

But it did.

Because I did the opposite of what everyone else was doing. I got what I wanted, and so did my clients.


Your audience craves something different, not more of what everyone else is doing 

When you let go of what you think you *should* do, you can release the originality inside of you. You can literally go wild because this opens up so many possibilities.

It's liberating.

It's way more fun.

And it attracts the very people you want to work with MOST. The ones that will be so devoted to you that no one's half price sale will ever tempt them to abandon their loyalty to you.

When you're doing work rooted in your convictions, you do it with a new kind of passion. You go all in. The way you treat your audience changes. They can feel it and they love it.

Become *the only one*

Because when you’re *the only one*, there is no competition.