Quiet, brash, inspired, bold, wise, quirky, eccentric, evolving, enigmatic, whatever you are - this is about bringing you to life online.

This won't be *just a website*. It'll be you, showing up and appealing to YOUR people. 

It'll be you, doing things your way, the way your people will love.

This is when you boldly say, never mind what everyone else is doing. I'M DOING THIS.

How we do it

Before we start working on your website, I'll take the time to get to know you and your vision. We'll talk about that addicting part of your personality and your particular business flair. Because we're going to make sure people feel it when they arrive at your online space.

Then we'll create a Style Guide for you. You can use it anywhere you like. It'll help you create consistency and make a bigger impact everywhere you show up.

Your style will influence everything we do. Things like:

  • the images we use
  • the colours we use
  • the fonts we choose
  • the tone and language we use
  • the way we name pages
  • the layout and overall style
  • how we frame what you offer
  • the process of selling
  • and much more

Your website's going to feel like meeting you and loving you in person : )

What to expect

  1. We have a quick, informal (free) chat to make sure we're a good fit. (Sort of like speed dating, and we can even sip martinis.)
  2. We have a formal chat where we agree on a plan of action.
  3. We fill out paperwork so we both know what to expect of each other, and when. (We avoid nasty surprises.)
  4. We agree on a price and dates. A 50% deposit is required to hold your time slot. (You get my full attention during this time frame.)
  5. I'll need your content a week prior to our start date, so I can review it before we start.
  6.  The project runs from 1 - 4 weeks, depending on the complexity.
  7. We'll be communicating regularly. You'll see your website as it unfolds.
  8. We'll have milestones where I request your approval on my work.
  9. I complete the project and you submit the final payment on the completion date.
  10. When the payment is processed, I transfer the website into your name.
  11. Afterwards, I'm available for hire or online tutoring if you need help.
  12. Optional but highly recommended: Margaritas on the beach to celebrate!

Price - $3000+

I'd love to have a simple list of packages you can choose from. But you're far too unique to fit into one of a few generic packages. How do I know that? Because you're still here, reading this ; )

We're going to brainstorm together. We'll talk strategy. We'll decide what will bring you the best results before we get started on the actual building of your website.

Shireen has a natural way of seeing and honoring the uniqueness of each individual, helping others to share their gifts with the world. Thanks Shireen!
— Susanne Martmann, Deep Cove, British Columbia
Although I have only met Shireen once, I felt like I had known her for years. Very easy to work with and super friendly. I have recommended her to other people and have spoken to people that already use her service. She is liked by everyone and a true professional.
— Heidi Nasgowitz, British Columbia, Canada

Me and my soppy, frizzy Costa Rica hair : )

Me and my soppy, frizzy Costa Rica hair : )

I love free-spirited people who don’t conform to popular opinion.

I love visionaries who believe life is an adventure. Who believe that reinvention is part of our evolution.

I believe in our freedom to be different, to provoke change, and to rise above mainstream norms.

I believe anything is possible when you follow your own path.

I’m committed to entrepreneurship as a platform for liberation. A way to spark your evolution - your radical act - your leap of faith - whatever it might be : )

— Shireen

My work

My favourite recent website (click image to it see live)

This is a perfect example of what you can do when you're willing to say, Never mind what everyone else is doing. I'M DOING THIS.

Recent work

Blissfully You Skin Spa
Client 2007-2017

Roadhouse Grille
Client 2007-2017

Taavi Babcock Photography
Client 2013-2017

Initially, we met and I shared my ideas with Shireen, and of course she could see my vision instantly and expanded on it. As usual, she set to work and created a masterpiece before my eyes! I literally squealed with delight as I saw it unfold! Shireen went way above and beyond with her attention to detail, diligence, thoroughness and professionalism.
— Leslie Wey, British Columbia, Canada

Back in 2007, I was so excited when I figured out how to create a single web page with working hyperlinks. Then I became obsessed with visual design, because everyone wanted to look good. Years later, it was all about marketing, because everyone wanted to be seen. Today...

It's about building your own community, because that's who will buy from you.