unbranding you so you can be yourself

Sometimes branding is like sexy shoes that hurt your feet.

Sophie's story...

Sophie started her consulting business in 2012 when branding was The Thing To Do.

With the help of some well known brand developers, she reinvented herself and created some pretty slick marketing.

But no matter what she did, she felt trapped inside a box of rules. It looked good but it didn’t feel like her.

Then Sophie discovered Unbranding

Letting go of the rules made Sophie feel like she’d been sprung loose from prison. The feeling of being Unbranded touched her somewhere deep inside. She finally felt like she had a voice, a place in a noisy world. Every day felt like an adventure.

She was hooked on the freedom to be herself. And apparently so were others, because her subscribers were growing daily.

This isn't about branding, it's about evolving.

We'll forget all the mainstream branding rules. This isn't about creating an image, it's about bringing the real you into your business - because that's the only way you'll ever stand out in these massively competitive times.

How it Unbranding works

We talk about where you are, where you want to be, what's bursting to get out and what would feel just amazing to you. My analytical and spidy senses kick in and determine the direction of our conversation. No single plan works for everyone. I customize as we go, as I hear your words and feelings.

What to expect:

  1. We'll have a quick chat so you can decide if this feels right to you.
  2. We set a date and a fee ($350+, a 50% deposit will hold your spot).
  3. I'll give you a little homework to get your juices flowing.
  4. We have our first 1 hour discovery session.
  5. We'll take a few days to process our discoveries and explore deeper.
  6. We have our second session to discuss our thoughts and clarify a direction that feels spot on.
  7. I'll send you a little roadmap for a guide and inspiration.
  8. Then... you rock, you shine, you fly as you were always meant to!

Case Study: Blissfully You

Leslie came to me with a dilemma. She was booked solid, but she wasn't happy. She wanted more time for herself and her kids. But with only so many hours in the day, what else could she do?

I asked her a lot of questions and came up with an idea. Why not focus solely on advanced skin care treatments? They had the highest ROI (by far) and she enjoyed them the most. 

She said no way, because pedicures were the most popular service. She couldn't afford to turn away so many clients. And what spa doesn't offer pedicures and manicures?? I said, who cares what other spas do? You need to do what feels good to you.

I explained how she could pull it off. Finally, as scary as it was, she agreed to go for it. She was super excited! We talked about how to execute this (because it was a major change) and I helped her redesign her marketing to reflect the new direction. 

And guess what? She more than doubled her revenue the first year! She's since hired three employees, moved into a beautiful, custom-designed space, fully stocked with high end retail skin care.

All because she let go of the rules and followed her own dreams : )

Caveat: it was my idea, but she did the work, and she's very good at what she does.

What Leslie said afterwards...

I’ve had rave reviews from my clientelle! Shireen knew exactly what I would love! She has a keen sense about people and really knows how to present your business to perfection! It’s a wonderful feeling to be so well looked after.
— Leslie Wey, Blissfully You, Cloverdale, BC

Working with Shireen about my business and message makes me feel safe, seen and heard. She tunes in to me and my needs, sparking intense creativity and fresh insights and fuelling my energy and enthusiasm.

Shireen helps bring my next steps to light and the path ahead of me becomes clearer and easier to follow. Simply put, Shireen truly sees me for who I am and my message for what it is, and she helps me do the same!

Then she helps me find and get on with the actions that bring it all to fruition, often to a degree beyond any I had ever dreamed possible! Shireen is a natural at helping people find their way.

I’d highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to get unstuck or otherwise further their business – as long as you’re willing to approach it from your heart!
— Trish, Victoria, BC