get inside her head

Wanna' to know what she's really thinking?

I'll tell you a little secret. No matter how beautiful your online image is, no matter how fabulous you are, no matter what new method you try... if you're not making her feel good, you've lost her. (That's not the secret, it's just a friendly reality check.) But don't feel bad. Because as CEO / CFO / CE-everything of your own business, it's impossible to see it objectively. So we all make the same mistake. We market from the inside out. We spend all our effort making ourselves look good. The secret? Create everything with HER perspective in mind.

Sandy's story...

Sandy was so frustrated. She absolutely loved coaching people. She’d spent hours on her website copy and creating the perfect offer. Why weren’t more people responding? She even tried reducing her price, but it made no difference and then she really started doubting herself.

Than she discovered the Secret Shopper Service.

When Sandy received her Secret Shopper evaluation, she couldn’t believe it. She’d been turning people off by making it all about her instead of them! No wonder her numbers weren’t building.

Instantly she knew exactly how she could attract buyers. Instead of floundering around trying different stab-in-the-dark tactics, she could focus on one goal - to see her work from her client’s perspective, and make it irresistible to them!

You know how it feels when you've analyzed your work to death and lost all objectivity.

It's all jumbled up inside your head and you have this sort of blindness to it all. Sooo frustrating. But don't be hard on yourself, because it's almost impossible to see your work from both sides. 

I can see what you can't. I've got this crazy analytic mind and by nature, I'm a listener and an observer. I sense things too.

I can tune myself into the head of your ideal client and walk through the journey you've created. You'll get an unbiased, objective view of the experience you're providing, from start to finish.

I'll look for...

  • potential frustrations to a visitor
  • confusing steps that make a visitor feel stupid
  • errors like missing web pages, outdated information, broken links
  • brand inconsistencies (in language, tone, visuals, look and feel)
  • weak copy, jargon heavy, meaningless buzz words
  • things that might not make sense to a visitor
  • what might cause a visitor to lose interest

I'll find strengths...

  • strengths you can capitalize on
  • ways you can shine but might not be aware of
  • potential ideas for a better customer experience
  • missed opportunities

What this feedback means for you...

  • you can create an experience that gets and keeps their attention
  • you can create an experience that generates loyalty and more sales
  • you can create even better offers
  • you can build a larger audience
  • you'll feel more confident about your sales process
  • you save time and money because you're clear on what works best

I can review any or all of your...

  • Facebook ads
  • Social Media posts (with some kind of call-to-action)
  • Sign up offers
  • Advertisements or other marketing outreach
  • Your website
  • Your social media / online presence
  • Your blog
  • Your email campaign s
  • Your freebie offers
  • Your service or product (how we do this depends on what you sell)
  • Any and / or all of your online touch-points
  • Offline touch-points (*available to local customers - Victoria / Vancouver, BC)

Why me

  • I've spent 30 years intuitively reading what clients want
  • I've built my businesses on the experience I offer (all word of mouth, no paid marketing)
  • I'm analytical and detail-oriented by nature
  • I can get into the head of your ideal customer
  • I've been in design and communications for ten years (and still love it)
  • See what other people say...

Case Study: The Copper Scarab

Darla wasn't sure if she was getting her message across. It was too hard to see her work objectively. She felt frustrated, not feeling sure of which direction to take, despite being very confident in the value she provides.

I was excited to work with Darla. Her work fascinates me. She gave me a backstage pass so I could experience her courses. They were amazing! I realized she has some phenomenal qualities in her course material that she could incorporate into her marketing.

I sensed that she was in her element when writing her courses, but not while writing web copy. If she could bring this feeling into her marketing, it would transform it completely. Now she knows what part of herself to draw on to create consistent and powerful copy across all touch points.

Darla's testimonial...

Shireen has a compassionate, yet laser focus that helped me see where my customer experience weak points were. With her experience in design and customer service, she was able to provide insightful and on-point recommendations that have left me feeling more confident in my online image than ever!
— Darla Antoine, Costa Rica

Gretchen's testimonial...

Shireen helped look over the customer experience of a course I’m developing. I was really impressed with how she caught every single detail and gave valuable feedback plus suggestions to improve them. I knew there were pieces I was missing and she was able to help me find them!

We all know customer experiences are paramount, and Shireen can help you improve this aspect of your business many times over! I now know what to watch out for when I develop my next course materials and advertising campaigns. You are one talented lady, Shireen, and I can’t thank you enough!
— Gretchen Oris-Chong, Melbourne, Australia

Could save you 1000's of potential lost sales

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