liberated business - lounge chairs on the beach

Creating your own mini-empire is all about freedom.

To be yourself. To do it your way. To lounge by the sea whenever you please.

Except when it's not.

When it's overwhelming. Draining. Frustrating. And when doubt creeps in.

It's all for the dream... the endless to-do lists, wondering if you’re doing the right thing, wondering if you’re showing up at the right places. Wondering if you’ll ever reap the rewards of working harder than most people you know.

(How do I increase sales? How do I create a sales funnel that works? What should I blog about? Should I be on Instagram? Have a YouTube channel? Should I buy Facebook ads (will anyone even click on them)? Help! How do people do this??)

Then there’s admin, answering emails, updating your website (or saying you will and never actually doing it), balancing your books and pretending it’s not really as bad as it looks (doesn’t everyone work 60 hours a week and take a major pay cut when they start out?).

Before you dive under the duvet with a pint of Ben & Jerry's, wondering why you ever started this crazy venture, know this... there are thousands of people out there, wishing, hoping, maybe even praying, for exactly what you offer.

There's just one problem. They don't know you exist.

So... what if you could reach them all? What if there was a fun way to create a community of buyers who love everything you do? Right now, you could be sipping your margaritas and having your feet massaged while the online you is building your community. Just imagine...

You know how sometimes you hear an answer to a hard question and you think, that was so obvious, why didn't I think of it?

That's what you're going to think when we shine the light on the most obvious path of all. It's so simple, it seems too good to be true. We don't focus on selling. We focus on creating connections around shared beliefs, on the convictions you share with like-minded people. We take the magic that only you have, sprinkle it around the world, and create your very own buying community.

This isn't about numbers and projections and convincing a bank to lend you money. It's about using what's already inside you to build your business organically.

No more indecision. No more overwhelm. No more hiding under the duvet.

Your way. Your pace.

Your very own Liberated Business Plan will walk you through how to build your own community of devoted buyers, in a way that feels good and genuine and FUN (this was supposed to be fun, remember?).

You'll figure out pretty quickly ('cause I know you're a smart cookie) that it's going to work, because it'll designed by you, especially for you.

Here's what's included..

In a few minutes you'll be on your own path to freedom...

Here's what you get:

  • 7 mini-courses (about 3 pages each), with examples clarifying each concept
  • 7 playsheets (about 2 pages each) of hands-on, get dirty in your own sandbox
  • 7 pages of tips and recommended sources (like the best place to get business cards, the best website platform, and so on)

Plus, you get free questions by email. How cool is that? See, I'm here for you : ) 

This was the most game changing e-course I’ve taken since I launched two years ago. I feel motivated and focused now and I have a totally different attitude towards marketing. I know exactly what I need to do and it’s already working! Thank you Shireen!
— Carla Denton, UK

I believe in you.

I made this Pay What You Can because I believe in entrepreneurship, in freedom, and in creating a happier world. If we can live our dreams, we give more, love more, and spread more wealth around the world...

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You know that person who seems to have it all? She’s always smiling and in control. She has time for yoga, martini lunches, and vacations with the girls. This person can be YOU.