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What people are saying...

Shireen has a compassionate, yet laser focus that helped me see where my customer experience weak points were.

With her experience in design and customer service, she was able to provide insightful and on-point recommendations that have left me feeling more confident in my online image than ever!
— Darla Antoine, Costa Rica
Shireen helped look over the customer experience of a course I’m developing. I was really impressed with how she caught every single detail and gave valuable feedback plus suggestions to improve them. I knew there were pieces I was missing and she was able to help me find them!

We all know customer experiences are paramount, and Shireen can help you improve this aspect of your business many times over! I now know what to watch out for when I develop my next course materials and advertising campaigns. You are one talented lady, Shireen, and I can’t thank you enough!
— Gretchen Oris-Chong, Melbourne, Australia

What I really value in Shireen is her partnership in the company she contracts with. She takes on the company’s vision as her own, and articulates that vision in an almost uncanny spot on fashion. She sometimes seems to know more than the principals. I attribute this to her amazing listening skills. Once Shireen takes on a project, she will not rest until the company is seamlessly represented through a weaving of visual and narrative form. Shireen can be a therapist through the process and engenders the trust of clients by fulfilling every task on time and with dazzling flying colors. Being a client of Shireen’s is like sending your company for a day at the spa – it goes in tense and tangled and comes out relaxed and glowing like a superstar!
— Gary Urra, Washington, DC, USA