Darla Antoine

Darla Antoine

Shireen has a compassionate, yet laser focus that helped me see where my customer experience weak points were.

With her experience in design and customer service, she was able to provide insightful and on-point recommendations that have left me feeling more confident in my online image than ever!
— Darla Antoine, Costa Rica

What I really value in Shireen is her partnership in the company she contracts with. She takes on the company’s vision as her own, and articulates that vision in an almost uncanny spot on fashion. She sometimes seems to know more than the principals.

I attribute this to her amazing listening skills. Once Shireen takes on a project, she will not rest until the company is seamlessly represented through a weaving of visual and narrative form.

Shireen can be a therapist through the process and engenders the trust of clients by fulfilling every task on time and with dazzling flying colors.

Being a client of Shireen’s is like sending your company for a day at the spa – it goes in tense and tangled and comes out relaxed and glowing like a superstar!
— Gary Urra, Washington DC

Shireen has the charm of making you feel comfortable and confident so that you can dig deep to define your brand and create meaningful content. Thanks Shireen for the inspiration and follow-ups in launching Living Rhythm!
— Ivana Matovina, Victoria, BC, Canada

Amy Andrew

Amy Andrew

Uncage the Lion Within was incredibly insightful. The questions were powerful and really helped me get crystal clear about my “why” so I can get behind it in my life and business. I’m so excited to put my excitement and energy behind what I learned about myself from this program and take my business to the next level.
— Amy Andrew, Sacramento, California

Shireen’s eye for detail, creativeness, and her meticulousness turned what I was trying to say into fabulous. I wholeheartedly recommend Shireen to anyone looking for a designer who is really passionate about what she does.
— Gwyn Edwards, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen helped look over the customer experience of a course I’m developing. I was really impressed with how she caught every single detail and gave valuable feedback plus suggestions to improve them. I knew there were pieces I was missing and she was able to help me find them!

We all know customer experiences are paramount, and Shireen can help you improve this aspect of your business many times over! I now know what to watch out for when I develop my next course materials and advertising campaigns. You are one talented lady, Shireen, and I can’t thank you enough!
— Gretchen Oris-Chong, Melbourne, Australia
Gretchen Oris-Chong

Gretchen Oris-Chong

Although I have only met Shireen once, I felt like I had known her for years. Very easy to work with and super friendly. I have recommended her to other people and have spoken to people that already use her service. She is liked by everyone and a true professional.
— Heidi Nasgowitz, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen has the natural ability to take your ideas and turn them into magic!
— Michelle Gardner, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen has a natural way of seeing and honoring the uniqueness of each individual, helping others to share their gifts with the world. Thanks Shireen!
— Susanne Martmann, Deep Cove, British Columbia, Canada

I appreciate Shireen’s unique style and the passion she brings to her business. Shireen brought excellence to our vision; what more could anyone ask for! Thanks very much Shireen for complimenting our vision and inspiring us at the same time. I am delighted with our partnership and I look forward to working with you for many years to come.
— Kim Tebbutt, British Columbia, Canada

Leslie Wey

Leslie Wey

Initially, we met and I shared my ideas with Shireen, and of course she could see my vision instantly and expanded on it. As usual, she set to work and created a masterpiece before my eyes! I literally squealed with delight as I saw it unfold! Shireen went way above and beyond with her attention to detail, diligence, thoroughness and professionalism.
— Leslie Wey, British Columbia, Canada

My experience working alongside Shireen greatly exceeded my expectations! Shireen not only delivered everything I asked for but offered her professional and creative ideas.
— Sukhi D, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen is a very easy person to work with, she has been tremendously patient with me. She really listens to what YOU want and delivers quickly. Shireen is great with detail and full of amazing ideas... My marketing has been much more effective because of her expertise.
— Danielle Wall, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen was able to take my concept and make it clear and concise so anyone could understand what my business is about. She listened to what I was looking for, even if I wasn’t sure at the time.
— Janice Martin, British Columbia, Canada
Janice Martin

Janice Martin

Shireen is a delight. When I started this adventure, I had no idea how to develop and integrate materials. Shireen gently and patiently guided me through each step. I have heard horror shows ... but to Shireen, this isn’t just a business, it’s personal – it’s a passion, which is evident when working with her. She really gets to know you and your business and through this approach, she intuitively marries your message with what you create.

Shireen has excelled once again. Whatever she does is done from the heart, with caring and conviction.
— Christine Pollock, British Columbia, Canada

Shireen’s patient and quiet demeanour helped put me at ease as she developed my brand true to my personality. She gently but firmly pointed out incongruencies in my brand and helped me develop a more cohesive picture.

Shireen has the uncanny ability to tease out the ‘important stuff’ from what comes tumbling out of my ADHD brain at breakneck speed. It’s a rare gift to be able to uncover the hidden gems buried within a client’s psyche!

Shireen is like Radar on the MASH TV show, anticipating the needs of her clients and helping them make their dreams come true.
— Violette Clark, British Columbia, Canada

I had a fabulous experience working with Shireen. Her skill is evident, her creativity abundant. But what stands out for me is her patient, even keeled nature. I dive into everything intensely, have an abundance of energy and am impatient and easily frustrated with technology. I was anticipating this to be something that had to be endured. Instead it was fun and enjoyable.

An unexpected bonus was a huge leap forward in my technical abilities, under the tutelage of Shireen. My experience with Shireen and Quiet Lion exceeded expectation on all counts.
— Cheryl Wilson-Stewart, British Columbia, Canada

I just had a little cry. You have no idea how important this has been to me and up until now I have not been able to create ‘this’. Thank you so much for your genius!
— Ciel Ellis, British Columbia, Canada