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Victoria James, United Kingdom

Victoria James, United Kingdom


Victoria knew her website wasn't converting as well as it could. She wanted potential clients to get a taste of what life could feel like from the moment they landed on her website.


I evaluated the experience as if I was her ideal client. I could feel where her website was out of alignment with her brand. Victoria's the warmest, most vivacious person with a passion for a luxurious feeling life. She shows her clients how to have delicious lives and she has this contagious spirit about her.

During a live Zoom chat, I showed her how potential clients could experience the real her and what she has to offer them, by making some key tweaks with imagery and written copy.


 Those tweaks completely transformed the experience of Victoria's website. 

Victoria's testimonial...

Having Shireen’s eyes over my site was like smiley fresh air! Her approach meant I received targeted advice on how to make my customer’s first impression of me a glowing one. She gave me a deeper level of understanding of specific points which then made it clear for me to act on any changes. It was a joy to work with her and I recommend her most highly!
— Victoria James, Coach, UK
Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA

Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA