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Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA

Pets Crave Love, Texas, USA


Katie and her staff have the kind of training and expertise that high end clients are willing to pay for. Her company isn't just a dog sitting business. But she knew her existing website wasn't attracting the right clients.


During my evaluation of the Pets Crave Love website, I found a number of issues that might turn off a potential client. Visually, it was nicely done, but the organization of information was confusing to visitors. I recommended a restructuring, making the most important information dominant. Then I showed Katie how she could highlight the special expertise and high level of care her company offered. The final result would completely changed a visitor's first impression. 


After our work together, the very next day, she woke up to two new clients! (This was so rewarding for me as you can imagine.)

Katie's testimonial...

Katie Gingrich
I was actually terrified of having someone take an honest approach to my website and customer experience. :) I kept thinking it was going to be a bit like going to the dentist (without the happy laughing gas.) I was surprised, shocked really, that Quiet Lion/Shireen’s feedback was honest but NOT harsh. Quiet Lion is the zen of my website insecurities!

I never felt upset, or less intelligent, or even frustrated, she kept going at the pace that worked for me and giving just the right amount of feedback so I could be successful. You get all the martini’s from me Shireen! Best investment any website owner can make.
— Katie Gingrich, Pets Crave Love
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Victoria James, United Kingdom

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