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What people are saying...

Shireen is a delight. When I started this adventure, I had no idea how to develop and integrate materials. Shireen gently and patiently guided me through each step. I have heard horror shows ... but to Shireen, this isn’t just a business, it’s personal – it’s a passion, which is evident when working with her. She really gets to know you and your business and through this approach, she intuitively marries your message with what you create.
— Christine Pollock, Langley, BC

What I really value in Shireen is her partnership in the company she contracts with. She takes on the company’s vision as her own, and articulates that vision in an almost uncanny spot on fashion. She sometimes seems to know more than the principals. I attribute this to her amazing listening skills. Once Shireen takes on a project, she will not rest until the company is seamlessly represented through a weaving of visual and narrative form. Shireen can be a therapist through the process and engenders the trust of clients by fulfilling every task on time and with dazzling flying colors. Being a client of Shireen’s is like sending your company for a day at the spa – it goes in tense and tangled and comes out relaxed and glowing like a superstar!
— Gary Urra, Washington, DC, USA
Initially, we met and I shared my ideas with Shireen, and of course she could see my vision instantly and expanded on it. As usual, she set to work and created a masterpiece before my eyes! I literally squealed with delight as I saw it unfold! Shireen went way above and beyond with her attention to detail, diligence, thoroughness and professionalism.
— Leslie Wey, Cloverdale, BC

Shireen has the natural ability to take your ideas and turn them into magic!
— Michelle Gardner, Ladner, BC

Shireen brought excellence to our vision; what more could anyone ask for! Thanks very much Shireen for complimenting our vision and inspiring us at the same time.
— Kim Tebbutt, Tsawwassen, BC

I had a fabulous experience working with Shireen. Her skill is evident, her creativity abundant. But what stands out for me is her patient, even keeled nature. I dive into everything intensely, have an abundance of energy and am impatient and easily frustrated with technology. I was anticipating this to be something that had to be endured. Instead it was fun and enjoyable.
— Cheryl Wilson-Stewart, White Rock, BC