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Quiet Lion Manifesto

You and me...

We love free-spirited people who don’t conform to popular opinion.

We love visionaries who believe life is an adventure. Who believe that reinvention is part of our evolution.

We believe in our freedom to be different, to provoke change, and to rise above mainstream norms.

We believe anything is possible when you follow your own path. When you create genuine value for people who share your convictions.

Together we leap...

I’m committed to entrepreneurship as a platform for liberation. A way to spark your evolution - your radical act - your leap of faith - whatever it might be : )

— Shireen, Quiet Lion

About us (you and me)...

About Quiet Lion, Shireen and clients

About me


This is about reinvention.

It's about doing it your way.

It's about freedom.

It's about releasing the old.

It's about you showing up as your true self, boldly, proudly and excited as #$@% to do it.

You've got something only you can share.

And there are people who want it.

At the top of the mountain, after one of our usual weekend hikes. This is how I clear my head for the week to come : )

At the top of the mountain, after one of our usual weekend hikes. This is how I clear my head for the week to come : )

Hi. I'm Shireen. 

I started my design and branding business in 2007 while still attending university. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I used my first web design assignment as an opportunity to accept a paying client. I loved my work so much, I guess it showed. The clients kept coming without me ever advertising. I didn't even use social media back then. (I know, hard to imagine right?)

Every website was like a little masterpiece (or so I thought at the time). I was so attached to each one, I would check on them occasionally and fix little things the clients had messed up without them even knowing it.

Fast forward ten years. Things have changed a lot. Business owners have more power. There are platforms that make it easier for you to create your own website. This is good. Because I've had to evolve. People used to pay me primarily for design. Today that's an important, but small part of the package.

Now we look at your end goal and how to achieve it. We look at the entire customer experience you're creating. It involves your personality, your image, your promise, and maybe most importantly, the way you make your customers feel from the first point of contact through to your ongoing relationship with them.

I'm super excited about this because I have this thing I've always done... wherever I am, I notice what a business does well or poorly. I start strategizing and I come up with ideas for them. I've done this all my life and now I get paid for it. How cool is that?

The best part is that I can help people overcome their biggest obstacle: standing out enough to build a following. Most people can't see themselves objectively, so they miss their own personal advantage - the thing that will make them stand out. I use my analytical, intuitive super powers to find it... and the rest is, well, kind of magical : ) 

My love affair with freedom

At age 17, my high school sweetheart and I went on a road trip to the southwest (first photo above, at Arches National Park). Off we went, in our little 1968 beetle, which could barely climb a hill without needing a roadside rest. We slept under the stars. We hiked rocky trails to see grand desert views. We lived in the dust and open air for a month. Free from authority and obligations, free to follow our hearts.

I got my first taste of true freedom that summer. Far from oppressive parenting and antiquated schooling, I discovered that life can be a beautiful adventure when you follow your heart.

A few photos for fun

1979, Arches National Park

2011, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

2014, Hosting a workshop, Victoria, BC

2016, with Ash Ambirge, Costa Rica

2001, Montego Bay, Jamaica

2008, margarita time, Isla Mujeres

2014, Vancouver Island

2016, Business Retreat, Costa Rica

2001, living the boat life, Ireland

2011, Dolphin ride, Isla Mujeres

2014, Hosting a workshop, Victoria, BC

2016, having fun with Ash Ambirge 

To me, owning a business was never about work. It was about freedom.

At age 11, I was fascinated by my dad's office. All those important little notes and files. He was one of the first people in town to own an answering machine.

I started my first business at age 18. I've managed, manufactured, retailed, designed, taught, and mentored. I've been there. I've seen failure and success.

I've learned that success is a direct result of capitalizing on what's amazing about you. But most of us don't see it, nor do we know how to create a strategy around it. Underlying all my work is the belief in us as women, to bring who we really are into our work. To use it to create success of our own kind, whether that means working only a few hours a day, around the clock, or around the world.

The right business is the one that gives you total freedom to be yourself. Our goal is to make that the most important part of our work together..